Saturday, April 24, 2010

Changemakers competition

Dear Friend of K’arale,

K’arale participated in the Changemakers competition “Healthy Mothers, Strong World”. A competition which sought for the next generation of innovative, sustainable and impactful solutions for Maternal/Child Health.
It was an opportunity for us to sell our PortaKlinic idea to a panel of judges, connect with fellow entrants and find out what they are doing in the field. A single PortaKlinic can serve 10,000 people per annum. If we are shortlisted
 and win this competition , the $5,000 prize can  go a long way towards our fundraising for a PortaKlinic in Kuramo, a slum community in Lagos.

Keep our project alive. Please Visit our profile. Read, Ask questions, Make comments and Vote for our project!
It’s just 10minutes for you, but it means quality health care for 15,000 people!

Thank you.

Amaka Okafor
Program Coordinator
T +234.803.5123.202  E
| Taking quality health care to the poor

Update: K'arale's submission was not one of those shortlisted in the finals. We wish the successful winners all the best and for ourselves...better luck next time!

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