Saturday, April 24, 2010

Health: The best gift you can give

K’arale had her first fundraiser to benefit our PortaKlinic Project last Sunday, the 18th of April, 2010. This first project benefits Kuramo especially; a slum community living on the coastline here in Lagos by providing Quality basic health Services through the clinic.

The event was pretty formal and guests; largely made up of family and close friends of K’arale management numbered 30. It was an opportunity to tell a larger audience about our dream of quality health for the poor and how we hope to achieve it.

Kuramo is a community most dear to K’arale. I have written about

Changemakers competition

Dear Friend of K’arale,

K’arale participated in the Changemakers competition “Healthy Mothers, Strong World”. A competition which sought for the next generation of innovative, sustainable and impactful solutions for Maternal/Child Health.
It was an opportunity for us to sell our PortaKlinic idea to a panel of judges, connect with fellow entrants and find out what they are doing in the field. A single PortaKlinic can serve 10,000 people per annum. If we are shortlisted