Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Helping Teens Celebrate Valentine’s Day

K'arale organized a special pre-Valentine's day program with the students from Senior State High School Ikeja on the 12th of February, 2010 to promote 'Loving with care'.
The objective of the program was to
  1. Educate the kids about the true meaning of Valentine, about its history and how it is celebrated, who can be your Valentine,etc
  2. Reiterate ABC messages
  3. Remind them of pitfalls to avoid on the day: late nights out, drinking, smoking, going out with groups of friends who are known to indulge in risky behaviour, pregnancy, fatal diseases.
The high point of the program was the making of Valentine Cards by Students
It was 2 hrs of fun!!! The students came up with quite interesting designs and messages:

Mom and Dad were favourite to-be recipients of the Cards

Our own Bisola received a Valentine from one of the students
And the Valentine poster made by Qudus, Segun and Amaka

Let us hope the messages are not forgotten in the celebration!!

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